On the occasion of the passages of the cruise ships to Madagascar www.mada-mirendra-tours.com proposes you excursions to the day on:
Nosybe or Andoany, Diego Suarez or Antsiranana and Tamatave or Toamasina.

On Nosybe or Andoany :

1-Island tour of Nosybe :

We will pick you up at the harbour of Hell-Ville and you will take Bus or 4x4 with air conditioned to explore Nosy-Be, you will visit the plantation of ylang-ylang, the base of chanel 5 , Mont Passot and its lakes, sacred tree,The Chameleons, The lemurs ,The nice beach at north of Nosybe , the French colonial empire and the ancient city of Nosy-Be!

2-Excursion of Lokobe reserve

We will pick you up at the port of Hell-Ville and you will cross the plantation of Ylang ylang, plant introduced to Madagascar, you will take the local traditional canoes with motor crossing the mangrove and fishing villages, exciting excursions, lush forest and a 740ha area to highlight 430 meters, amazing wildlife and medicinal plants of Madagascar. In the park there are 3 species of lemurs, snake , red frog. Chameleons.

3-Nosy Iranja

Departure after picking you up at the port of Nosybe , you will take a speed boat , 1:30 of navigation ! Nosy Iranja or Turtle Islands , two islands connected by a sandbar about 1900 m , paradise islands in Madagascar ! You will take the best pictures of your trip in Madagascar !
Lunch on the island !

4 – Nosy Komba and Tanikely

Departure after picking you up at the port of Nosybe , Tanikely is an island where there is a national marine park , is an ideal place to observe sea turtles , different colorful fishes , fishing is prohibited, as collecting shells , you can see the bat on the big tree , lemur sanfordi . An old lighthouse dominates the island . At Nosy Komba you will visit a small park of lemur ( Eulemur Maccaco ) , snakes and tortoises from Madagascar . You will visit the villages of fisherman , meet the artisans ! It is a shopper's paradise . Lunch on the island based on seafood and afternoon transfer to Nosybe.

On Diego Suarez or Antsiranana :

1- Amber moutain :

will pick you up at the port to join the Montagne d'Ambre , Madagascar 's first national park established in October 28, 1958 . This park preserves a unique flora and fauna in Madagascar , considered Treasury of the Biologist.

There is a tropical humid climate with very high annual rainfall (3 500-4 000mm ) . This mountain is a magnificent tropical forest protected , protected from any human impact or prosperous rich and complex nature ! In this tour you will enjoy various forms of vegetation cannarium , parasitic plant , vines and ferns . There are well-appointed circuits inside the park ! In the park there are 7 species of lemurs ( coronatus , sanfordi , Aye -aye , lemur bamboo Microcebus "the smallest lemur in Madagascar !" You will discover beautiful waterfalls and lakes, as well as beautiful views of the extreme north of Madagascar ! the lunch at Joffre Ville at the foot of the mountain. then continuation of the road from Diego Suarez, visit the city of Diego Suarez still carries the memory of the colonial in Madagascar , the bay of Diego Suarez and the baobab Tree.

2- Red Tsingy :

After picking you up at the harbor of Diego Suarez , you will take the road of red Tsingy and discover a landscape of another planet - These types of color are the result of erosion , sculpted for many years - It'll be the best pictures of your trip to Madagascar . Lunch in a restaurant.

3- The 3 Bays :

The guide and the driver will pick you up at the port of Diego suarez , you continue your way to the bay of Sakalava, there is an 'island can be reached on foot at low tide, and after Dune Bay and the Bay of Pigeon with its white sand. The bay of Sakalava is known by his fans of fun boarding, windsurfing and kite surfing in Madagascar! You will visit CapMiné as former French military base in Madagascar! You will discover a small forest of Baobab and big Baobab, Lunch at Ramena (fishing village) and after lunch the bathroom !

On Tamatave or Toamasina :

1-The Pangalanes canal

Departure from the port by car towards the river port, then Embarkation by traditional motorized flower boat; Descent on the Pangalanes Canal. Fluvial atmosphere, meeting with local carriers, rowing boat, rafts, bush boat etc. Daily life of the population on the banks of the canal. Local folklore entertainment in the village of Tapakala, fruit buffet at Ariane. Then return to the city and visit the big Artisan Market "Bazar Be" after the city tour of Tamatave.

2- Park Zoologique IVOLOINA

You will visit landscapes of the northern part of Tamatave

Observation of the famous river sand divers River Ivoloina

Visit the zoo and botanical Ivoloina

Lemurs: varicea varigatta,Eulemur Macaco, Fulvus, Albufront, Lemur Catta / Lemur coronatus

turtles ,chameleons and Boa argori, Endemic plant and introduced to the island

Small trekking 2 km or less (lake tour, bird watching, waterfall (possibility of swimming)