Madagascar is the third largest island in the world, Italy is twice! It has a unique and extraordinary! Madagascar offers spectacular natural attractions, hot, dry weather from April to October, a short rainy season from December to May! So from October to January only rains at night! Madagascar is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation! In national parks Madagascar is vedonno different species of lemurs, the Fossa (predator of lemurs), also endemic specimens as "Brokesi species', which live only in Madagascar!
Language: The official language is Malagasy, and the second is the French
Electricity: Electricity 220 V with a European plug!
Clothes: dress code is in line with the atmosphere of a tropical country like Madagascar, you must bring a rain jacket, shirts and sleeves lunghie, chiussa shoes, long pants, sunglasses and cream protetivi solar insect repellent, masks and pine!
Currency: Currency Vechia Madagascar is FMG and the new ariary (1 Ariary = 5 FMG) and 1 euro = 2700 MGA / 4 EUR = 10,800 ariary! In large cities like Nosybe and Diego Suarez, you can be changed with credit cards such as: "Visa, Mastercard, Electron" and in the choice of the hotel and shops, you can also buy with credit card!
Vaccinations: Not required obligariamente, we should take antimalarial!
Kitchen: Malagasy cuisine is varied and tasty with all the spices that are grown in Madagascar! The kitchen in the north of Madagascar with fish and shellfish. Each dish is accompanied by a mountain of rice!
Customs: We advise you not to bring plants, wild orchids and cacti, birds, lemurs, tartarunghe, otherwise it is expected that the confiscation and heavy fines!